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Berilee , Verified Customer 02/28/17
No More Smelling Like Menthol

LaserTouchOne is a pain relief device that uses electrical stimulation (e-stim) and laser therapy to repair and heal damaged cells. I purchased LaserTouchOne because my athletic trainer recommended it to me after I had been repeatedly straining my medial collateral ligament (MCL) during my soccer season. Before using this device, I had tried all kinds of pain relief remedies. Ultimately, I was looking for a product that could effectively relieve my recurring knee pain that was also affordable, long-lasting, and easy to use. I tried several pain relief creams such as Aspercreme, BioFreeze, Salonpas and others, but none seemed to do much except make me smell like menthol 24/7. I also tried cryotherapy which effectively reduced the inflammation in my knee, but started to get pricey after a couple sessions. When I was not feeling as much pain relief as I wanted from those options, I decided to invest in the LaserTouchOne device. Though the price point was a bit higher than anticipated, I am very impressed by how relieving the device is and the ease that comes along with using it. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Since using this device I have seen significant improvements in my knee pains and in how I play soccer. In fact, there were even tissue improvements that could be seen visually in my magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. With the help of LaserTouchOne my pain no longer limits me from playing to my fullest capability, but this relief also came with a hefty cost of $500. The price of this device is one of the reasons why I am rating it a 4 out of 5 stars. Because the LaserTouchOne device is a class 2 laser and FDA approved only to aid in over the counter (OTC) pain relief, it is not powerful. This being said, I feel $500 is quite a lot to pay for just a class 2 laser that has a power of only 1.2mW. The second reason I’m rating the LaserTouchOne device 4 out of 5 stars is because there is no indicator that tells you when the device is done charging. I leave it on the charger for about 5-6 hours before assuming it is fully charged. However, it would be nice to not have to keep track of how long I’ve had it on the charger, and just know when its charging is complete. The device does have a good battery life though and I charge it about once every two weeks. It is clear to see on the device how to turn it on/off, where to apply the gel, and how to control the intensity dial for the e-stim. I use the device combined with the LaserTouchOne electrode gel for about 7-10 minutes on my knee twice daily. The electrode gel is very good and does not have an odd odor. It stimulates an electrical charge that diminishes most of my pain which allows me to play with more comfort now. It is quite easy to go through the electrode gel tubes fast depending on how often you use the device, and how many areas you are trying to treat. Yes, there are cheaper conductive gels available, but I have not tried to use another conductive gel with this device. This is because it is stated in the manual that if you do use another gel with the LaserTouchOne device it invalidates your warranty. Because $14 per tube can add up quickly, I use the gel sparingly. Despite the price being a bit higher than other class 2 lasers of its caliber, the LaserTouchOne’s pain alleviating power, simple design, and long-lasting battery life make it worth the price. I’m very satisfied with this investment, and I definitely recommend others to make the investment as well.

Marc , Verified Customer 12/13/16
Life changing device

I was blessed to find this product when they first came out so have been around it for many years. I have turned a lot of people on to it including 5 doctors that own it for their personal use because of me. I call it a life changing device because I truly believe it is if used properly. I own two and loan one out to people to try to help them because I believe in it so much. If your an athlete pretreat with it before an event on things that normally might bother you after and see the difference.

*Individual Results May Vary

Lady MD, Verified Customer 09/26/16

My physician husband and I first experienced cold laser therapy through my cousin, who is a large animal veterinarian. (We have no financial interest in this product.) My cousin uses cold laser for tendonitis in horses; and his aging aunts and uncles have him use it for their arthritis (hands mostly). My husband had had an Achilles tendon repair, and 3 months later, the skin overlying the repair fell apart. After a year, the wound finally healed, except for a quarter-sized opening which was painful and kept draining. Two laser treatments, and the wound healed up. Fortunately, we were able to afford the Lasertouch One, and have used it for hand arthritis and tendonitis. I have also used it for knee bursitis (I do a lot of hiking). I also used it for biceps tendonitis, which had been bothering me for months. Granted, these are superficial problems, unlike arthritis deep in a hip or a knee. Although the Lasertouch is FDA-approved, few doctors know about it. My sister, who is a physical therapist, didn't know about it. Unlike anti-inflammatories and opiates, the Lasertouch heals tissue. We are spreading the word.

*Individual Results May Vary

Kim Spinelli, Verified Customer 09/20/16
No More Expensive Topical Creams!

I purchased this unit with the intention of using it on my knee pain. I also have dermatitis that was flared up at the time. I used the laser for 3 treatments on one my most chronic spots......and it has healed the skin! I went to my dermatologist today and she had never heard of it, but said that it's similar to what they use on the skin. I do get pain relief for other areas, but years and years of expensive topical skin creams to use this and find relief is awesome !!

*Individual Results May Vary

Jana B, Verified Customer 09/14/16
The real deal

We purchased this unit to use on our mini dachsund who has bulging discs. He has had severe pain for over a year and we were sure we would be putting him down soon. Steroids were making his life miserable and so this unit was our last ditch effort to get him better. We use LTO to supplement cold laser treatments at a vet clinic one hour away from us. We purchased hoping that it would lessen the trips needed and save us money in the long run. I cannot rave enough about this unit. It has turned our dog around. Even with trips for treatments 2x a week he was still crying in pain. With the help of lastertouchone in between, doing 2-3, 4-6 minute treatments daily, he has not cried in pain for 3 weeks now. We have weaned him down off his pain killers and he is now going only 1x a week to vet and is still holding strong. I am very impressed. He loves it and holds totally still while I do the treatments. I have also been using on myself as I have unidentified pain in my hands. It definitely helps if I do it consistently daily. It has not been miraculous with this but it still helps enough to impress me. My one complaint is that Amazon advertises Spectra 360 electrode gel (as it is cheaper than the lasertouchone gel) and so I bought it. The warranty is void if you use any other gel than lasertouchone gel so it is deceiving and I don't like that. Anyway, great unit.

*Individual Results May Vary

C.A. DiSilvestre, Verified Customer 09/09/16

I have not purchased from Amazon yet. One of my patients purchased this to treat chemo induced nerve pain. He has tried several prescribed medications over the years to treat this pain, and none have worked as well as this. He brought it in the clinic today to show me. I have carpal tunnel pain. I used this once on the lowest setting and it relieved my pain! Unbelievable! The effects lasted for 3 days! It is my understanding that the best results are acheived with cumulative treatments.

*Individual Results May Vary

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