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Debra Dederick, Verified Customer 01/08/19
Awesome device

I was due for foot surgery years ago and I bought a LaserTouchOne instead. Much to my surprise it really does work! However, now that I need it for my back...I have sacroiliac joint pain...and when I went to turn it on the other day, I was so upset because it seemed to have died on me. Right now I cannot afford a new one, so I am checking to see if my insurance company would cover one for me. I am hoping to get the LaserTouchOne again!! I really need it!

Steel Mill Gym Inc., Verified Customer 11/05/18
It Works!!!

Finally, You buy something that actually does what the manufacture says. I bought this device over 5 years ago hoping for a little pain relief. I have 2 fracture vertebrae T-12/L-1. Laser Touch One has done an incredible job on reducing and sometime eliminating the pain. I have used it in my gym for all sorts of back pain, shoulder pain, foot, and tennis elbow ( epicondylitis) . Everyone who uses it cannot believe the relief they get. They ask me how it works, I respond, no idea, but it works, be happy it does. THANKS LASER TOUCH ONE.. Terrence Whiteside, Owner of Steel Mill Gym, Lackawanna, NY.

Dennis Miller, Mountain Village, CO, Verified Customer 10/23/18
For me and my clients

I’ve been a proud owner of LaserTouchOne since 2010. I use the laser in my massage practice as well as on my personal body. The results have been wonderful! I always recommend it to my clients as a treatment they can do themselves.

Carol Addis, Verified Customer 10/12/18
Valuable adjunct for use in allopathic and alternative therapies

As a student and practitioner of allopathic medicine (nurse anesthetist for over thirty years), as well as alternative healing methods (acupuncture, acupressure, Therapeutic Touch, Qi Gong, and Foundation for Shamanic Studies coursework), I have come to appreciate the effectiveness of this remarkable device. Used in concert with complementary techniques, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for oral or parental medications with all their deleterious side effects.

Howard S., Greensboro, NC, Verified Customer 09/20/18
Very pleased with the LTO

Since May 2017, I have been using the Laser Touch One. There are areas in my upper left back and neck that are tight along with some pressure near the left ear. My wife handles the LTO device almost every night and it definitely relieves tension in the areas where applied. We are please with the ways you service our needs.

Nicole Z., Verified Customer 09/12/18
My athletes love the LTO!

I have been using the Laser Touch One (LTO) for the past three years and it has been a godsend for me. As a Licensed Certified Athletic Trainer, who works with several hundred high school athletes, the LTO has allowed me to get my athletes back into competition safely while enabling us to rehab at an accelerated rate. This has been especially useful when state championships have been on the line. I have used the the LTO in a multitude of situations ranging from acute to chronic injuries and even some post surgical cases as well. It’s convenient size allows for me to take it anywhere and I never worry that i will not have room for storage. In addition, the short treatment cycle (2 minutes) allows me to treat my athletes quickly in an environment where time is a limited commodity. However, the ability to combine multiple cycles together to perform a more concentrated treatment is also a plus. The list of body parts that I have treated with the LTO is very extensive and I have found it is effective for nearly all injuries. In my experience, it is especially successful when treating muscle strains as well as joint pain due to tendon inflammation. I have also treated joint sprains, muscle cramps, and lumbar issues with improved outcomes. These improvements are notably decreased pain, edema, and improved function of the involved body part. I would use my LTO daily, making sure to sterilize the applicator tip between athletes, treating upwards of 5-6 athletes a day. When my athletes began asking for the treatments, I knew that I had found something effective to treat their aches and pains. They were devastated when my first one had run its course and was no longer functioning. I was constantly being asked “When will you get the LTO back?”. Thankfully due to a great customer service I am back and ready to start treating again! And my teams give it several thumbs up and a HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!!! THANK YOU renewal technologies for the LTO!!!!! Nicole Z. Warren, MI

Pain Relief in the Palm of your Hand

The LaserTouchOne is revolutionizing alternative pain relief. Doctors, nurses and alternative healers have already seen how this breakthrough technology is able to accelerate the healing process of severe injuries and other causes of acute and chronic pain. Now you can experience a safe, effective alternative to addictive pain medications or invasive treatments, right in the comfort of your own home. Try LaserOneTouch today – the only thing you have to lose is your pain!
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