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Beth K., Verified Customer 07/13/20
Please let me brag on this product!

As I stated, I have used this unit for almost 10 years and love it. I am an Athletic Trainer and in addition to working in colleges and unitversities, I do contract work in remote areas, all-stars, and am the Head AT for the Australian national team for American football. In all of these areas, the athletes ask for this device once they are introduced to it. Some of my Australian athletes wanted information so they could purchase their own. Again, thank you for a compact, user friendly product that actually gets the job done!

Troy Ottwell / Texas, Verified Customer 06/13/20
Retired college/university....also worked in health care many years ago in the 1970's in rehab and physical medicine

I have found the lasertouchone device my favorite tool for pain/discomfort due to nerve,muscle and maybe aging issues.. I am now 74 years of age and have 2 hip joints replaced and a history of bad knees.. I bought an $8,000 laser 10 years ago that saved me from knee surgery, have lasers from Turkey,Russia,Israel, and the US. I use the low cost LasertouchOne cold laser/micro current device first for any pain. I have used the Lasertouchone unit on myself, my brother, relatives, friends etc. and on people in pain at health clinics, health fairs, rehab centers etc. The advantages of the unit results from both the cold laser low level bio stimulation plus the very low level micro current which work together to yield results that each alone can not get. I have seen some people get great results in just 2 or 3 three min. sessions..for chronic issues it may take a week or two to begin to see results.If the device is used without instructions or improperly, no results may happen. For example, at my neighborhood Rx medical center the gal selling the unit told people to use the jell after using the Lasertouchone so as to prevent drying of the skin. 100% wrong. There are great videos on the Lasertouchone site to use as a guide.

Michele Suomala, Verified Customer 06/05/20
2nd Laser

No, my laser did not stop working. Somehow it has been lost. It has always been within arms length. Searching did not turn it up. I can tell you that my pain level has gone to a 10 so many times now that it is unbearable at times. I am waiting for it to be delivered. I know what it does because it has been with me for many years. After so many years with it, I had forgotten how bad the pain could be. So, soon I will have it and I will send another review to you. A true, 100% believer in the LaserTouchOne. Take care all and if you are considering one, please get one. You will be amazed!! Thank you

Wildchild, Verified Customer 09/29/19
Really works!!

I have had, hip issues off and on for over a year with the last episode lasting over a month with no long term relief from the usual therapies, ice, heat, oral steroids, NSAIDS, alpha stim, chiro, CBD oil and laser therapy. My PT used this on me one day and I got immediate relief. However with a week between treatments I wasn't making much forward progress. I finally broke down and bought one for myself so I could use it more often and got rid of my cane within a few days and have advanced to more strengthening and stretching exercises to help keep the pain at bay. Still use this thing morning and night to get through the muscle soreness from the strengthening exercises but needing it in a lot smaller area for less time than before. I wish I had gotten it when she first introduced me to it but didn't because of the cost. It has been worth every single penny I spent on it.

Conner Moore MD, Verified Customer 06/26/19
A reliable non-pharmaceutical treatment for a variety of acute and chronic pain.

I am a retired pediatrician with chronic back pain from spinal stenosis and complicated by Parkinsons disease . I have used the Laser Touch One wand for over ten years. It has helped over roughly 95% of my pain problems. Parkinson patients often have chronic muscle pain frequently for no reason. I have found that the Laser Touch One wand will quickly quiet my low back pain as well as other areas of muscular discomfort and the relief usually lasts for several hours. Since I have to get up at night to use the bathroom, having opiates in my system would greatly increase my chances of falling. The use of the Touch One gets me around the narcotic problem. Also less powerful pain relievers take a while to work and this often prevents me from falling asleep. I can keep the Touch One in my bedside table and if needed do a treatment in the middle of the night without leaving my bed. I work out at a local medically oriented gym and my PTs were impressed with the dual action of the TENS and Laser simultaneously - something that they can't provide at the treatment area in the gym. I have used it in family members for tendon inflammation , sports injuries and a host of other conditions - almost always with quick results. i had to return my first unit after 7-8 years for service. The company replaced it with a new unit ( it was past the warranty ) at a huge discount in cost because it would have been too expensive to repair.Try that with your local auto dealer. I think the worth of this medical devise came to me when I found myself wondering if I could tolerate not having the Touch One for a week or so while it was being evaluated in Arizona. I would this devise a 5 star rating.

Stone R., Verified Customer 02/28/19
I'm a happy customer

This is a testimonial about the Laser Touch One. We purchased it in May of 2013. It is the first such device we bought after researching the laser medical advantages. We have another complete laser machine with different attachments that cost over $10,000. Both are valuable and do what they are designed to do. The Laser Touch One device has the convenience of being small, hand held, and can be taken almost anywhere. The best feature is the adjustable dial the lets you find and pinpoint exact spot that is bothering you. It has been loaned to different people and most are amazed at the results they see in just a few days. We use it at least once a week. The rechargeable battery has just died. It lasted almost six years. -Stone R, Hillsboro, OR

Pain Relief in the Palm of your Hand

The LaserTouchOne is revolutionizing alternative pain relief. Doctors, nurses and alternative healers have already seen how this breakthrough technology is able to accelerate the healing process of severe injuries and other causes of acute and chronic pain. Now you can experience a safe, effective alternative to addictive pain medications or invasive treatments, right in the comfort of your own home. Try LaserOneTouch today – the only thing you have to lose is your pain!
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