Your Personal LaserTouchOne™ Pain Specialist

The LaserTouchOne team is committed to helping you find immediate and long-term pain relief as soon you begin using your device. That is why when you order your LaserTouchOne™, you will immediately be assigned a LaserTouchOne Pain Specialist who can help you maximize your results.

Your Pain Specialist will set up a one-on-one introductory call with you to review your pain history and identify your current pain issue(s). Together, you and your Specialist will develop a personalized treatment plan that maximizes your pain-relief results. Your call may include how to best use the device, where to use it to pinpoint the source of your pain, the frequency of treatments, length of treatment time and to answer any questions you may have.

Need more help? We know questions come up when you are using the LaserTouchOne™, that’s why your Pain Specialist will be available to you, by phone, 24/7. We are here to answer your questions; there is no charge for this service; call as often as you need!

You deserve to feel good; LaserTouchOne™ can help you enjoy a pain-free life!

Call our Pain Specialist direct: 1-888-899-5120