Here are some tips to get the BEST RESULTS out of your LaserTouchOne experience:

Always use gel. You may need to reapply small amounts of gel during your treatment if the skin becomes dry or you move to a new area.

There is only one setting for the laser (on or off), but you can adjust the e-stim. Remember with the e-stim, higher current is not necessarily better. Only a slight tingle is necessary for the best results.

You determine how long your treatments are; average treatment times range from 2 to 10 minutes per area. Treatment times of 6 to 10 minutes have shown to be the most effective for LaserTouchOne users.

The unit is on a 2 minute cycle and will then turn off automatically. Simply press the blue button again to start another 2 minute cycle. Do not hold the button down, just press once firmly to turn on or off.

You can use the LaserTouchOne up to 5 times per day in each treatment area. Many people find that doing a morning treatment and an evening treatment are realistic given their busy schedules. NOTE: Your body needs time to respond to the treatment received from the LaserTouchOne. We therefore recommend waiting a few hours between treatments.

Where you feel the pain may only be a SYMPTOM of something else.The SOURCE of the pain is usually above the area of pain. For example: if you have shoulder pain, the source of your pain may be in the neck. Don’t forget to treat a little below the area of pain as well.

Drink plenty of water as you are flushing out the toxins that are being released from the damaged cells.

The clear plastic tip of the LaserTouchOne is not removable; do not try to take it off.

Flushed or red skin during treatment is a good sign as you are increasing circulation in the treatment area.

It can take up to two weeks to start to feel the long-term results. Use daily for the first two weeks and then adjust usage according to how you are feeling.

Recharge your unit about every 3 weeks for 5 to 7 hours.

REMEMBER: LaserTouchOne™is 100% committed to your pain relief and ultimate satisfaction. In the unlikely event you are not experiencing pain relief after using the device for 7 consecutive days, call our Pain Relief Specialist at 888-899-5120 for immediate assistance.